Our History

The Future Impact Group came together based on community conversations that took place in 2016 following the “Your Voice, Your Choice, Our Future” community forums. There was a growing belief that while there were great things happening, there are things that we can do better. As a community we already know what we need and can make a change economically and socially toward a shared vision for the George Town Community. We can identify what resources or supports are needed where and we can leverage our communities passion toward positive systemic change.

Following the early conversations in 2016, the FIG as a new organisation went out to community in order to collect even more voices to find out what the George Town Community thought we should be focusing on. The FIG after many conversations and 500 survey responses eventually unveiled five focus areas based on these community voices stated below.

If you would like to find out more about the FIG story, please view our Case Study:

FIG’s 5 main focuses

Community Pride

Sustainable Employment

Education and Lifelong Learning


Wellness for All

Our Journey…