Who We Are

The George Town Future Impact Group is an all-inclusive, whole of-community movement that is creating pathways towards a better life for the people of our municipality. We came together several years ago as we identified a need in our community to speak as one voice. Our community said they want change, and this requires unique solutions and support so that everyone can thrive.

We follow a collective-impact way of working so that we can respond to the voices in our community and drive change based on what our community are telling us.

We work in partnership with the whole community, including business, services and government. We place community at the centre through consultation and co-designing solutions. We explore data and information in meaningful ways – this enables us to build a true understanding of what is important and what is needed. This is a journey, we have created a plan for the community, and it will take all of us to make the changes to improve lives.

my BIG idea for George Town is…