Make George Town Yours

Make George Town Yours (MGTY) is focused on creating a vibrant and exciting streetscape along the Macquarie Street precinct of George Town. This project is based on community voices collected and focuses on enhancing community pride in George Town.

The MGTY Project is supported by the Tasmanian Government through the Department of State Growth.

The MGTY Project is supported by a volunteer working group who have dedicated significant time into the project. Thank you to the team and the community partners for their contribution to this project.

Macquarie Street Entry Statement

Future Impact Group have enabled the installation of an art piece situated at the entrance of Macquarie Street behind the pump track to enhance the look and feel of the Macquarie Street Precinct  creating a welcoming feeling to the main street of George Town. The Entry statement is fabricated from mild steel and painted to give a rust-like patina look. The installation will be backlit and have a separate information panel with a QR code explaining the language used and the background of the piece.

More details HERE

The Macquarie Street Entry Statement is an initiative of the Future Impact Group supported by George Town Council. The Macquarie Street Entry Statement is funded and supported by Bell Bay Aluminium.

Business Grant

MGTY understands that community pride is important and an area that needs to improve.  To achieve this, we are focusing on improving the look and feel of George Town’s central district, through the Business Enhancement Program, specifically for existing businesses located in the Macquarie Street Precinct. 

This grant enables businesses to make street-faced improvements that will contribute to improving the overall visual appearance of the Precinct.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for these business grants has been extended to the 16th of November.

For more information, please follow this link: INFORMATION


To apply, please follow the link to Smarty Grants HERE

Planter Boxes

As a result of collecting the communities voices and recognising the importance of bringing vibrancy and life to Macquarie St, the Make George Town Yours Project have added four planter boxes at the intersection of Macquarie Street and Sorrell Street.

Thank you to the Low Head Community Garden who supplied and planted the herbs and to the George Town Council for watering.

More details HERE

Parklet Pilot Project

Future Impact Group will install portable dining decks to activate the space along the Macquarie Street frontage, to enhance the look and feel of the Macquarie Street Precinct and increase dining opportunities in George Town. The parklets will be situated in parking spaces outside local businesses to act as an additional outdoor dining area. Our parklets can be configured to take up the space of one or two streetside parking spaces and may be modified with different components depending on the specific needs of the site.

More details HERE and Expressions of Interest HERE

Street Art

Make George Town Yours Street Art Project brings artists, residents, businesses, and property owners together to foster innovative and contemporary creative expression and fantastic art in public spaces.

Through the voices that were collected by the Future Impact Group between 2019-2020, our community said that they wanted to feel proud of their main street and were dissastisfied with the appearance of central George Town’s built environment.

Through the Make George Town Yours Street Art Project,
opportunities will be made available for community organizations or business owners to have a street artwork painted on a wall that needs
invigorating in the Macquarie Street Precinct.

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