The Future Impact Group are passionate about capturing the stories of the people of George Town, both young and old, from all walks of life.

Below is a library of short podcasts from various opportunities that have been undertake in the community, from Launch into Employment, Seagulls to Chips, Youth Impact Council and capturing the voices of some of our local leaders.

Launch into Employment

The Launch into Employment program has been designed to support and prepare local people to launch into their career.

We’ve captured a few stories from participants of the first program held in Aug 2023 with the hope that their reflection is an encouragement for those that are finding their feet in their career paths.

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Youth Voice Collection

Participants from the Seagulls to Chips Leadership program partnered with AFL Fantasy podcaster Adam “Warnie” Child to produce a library of podcasts of local youth sharing their journey of 2023 with Seagulls to Chips, including what they think the most important thing for George Town is.

The podcasts contribute to the 2023 Youth Voice Collection, a project that is capturing the thoughts, ideas and opportunities from local youth in George Town.

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View our podcasts on Spotify here

Leaders in Our Community

There are people in George Town that do more than you realise.  They’re the people that often do things without the recognition, the spotlight or the celebration that they deserve.

We’re capturing a few stories from some of George Town’s amazing humans.

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