On Tuesday 7th of November, 15 youth graduated from the inaugural Seagulls to Chips
Leadership Training Program delivered by the Future Impact Group. The Seagulls to Chips Leadership
Training Program is open for local young people aged 12-16 each year, operating after school during
terms 3 & 4. It entails 12 leadership sessions delivered by experts in the field, supporting and
mentoring young people to create their own opportunities to be leaders in the George Town
To run an effective program, the Future Impact Group took the co-design approach. The team spent
eight weeks with a small group of committed and passionate young people, asking them what
matters, how they would like the program to be delivered, and what the outcomes could be.
These future young leaders graduated with these achievements:

  • Delivering free activities during Children’s Week
  • Creating creative content through podcasts, social media and videos
  • Collecting the youth voices of George Town with over 270 online surveys received
  • Designing new youth activities and events scheduled for 2024.
    To read more about their achievements and stories, head to the Future Impact Group Facebook
    page or visit https://futureimpactgroup.org.au/projects/our-futures/
    “The Seagulls to Chips youth leadership program is a terrific example of how young people can get
    together and have a say in what they and their peers want to see in their community.
    The skills graduates have gained in the program will not only help them in their future education and
    employment, it will also make a lasting impact for future generations of young people in George
    The TCF sees Seagulls to Chips and the work of The Future Impact Group as an investment for the
    George Town area, where young people have a voice and are better connected to their community.”
    Said Tasmanian Community Fund Chairperson Sally Darke.

“Seagulls to Chips has been a very lovely experience and would love others to experience it. I’ve
started up many different things and have become a great leader to many vast communities. It has
taught me many things I can now use in my day-to-day life. Seagulls to Chips has helped out a lot
with my struggle to speak up and has helped introduce me to many youth leadership opportunities.”
Quote from a participant.

This program is coordinated by the Future Impact Group and is funded by the Tasmanian Community
Fund and George Town Council. For further information, please get in touch with

What is Seagulls to Chips?

Co-designed by young people, the Seagulls to Chips Youth Leaders Program has been created to be an effective avenue of capacity building and change-making for young leaders each year in the George Town area.

The program hosts a range of high-end facilitators that delivers relevant training to selected young people with an opportunity for the youth to create and participate in youth events in and around George Town.

The program is also adapted for Student Leadership days for schools in George Town.

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