Art Street Art

Art Street Art is a youth project funded by the Premier’s Fund for Children and Young People in collaboration with the Future Impact Group and George Town Council.

Art Street Art has the opportunity to turn Macquarie St (the shopping precinct of George Town) into Art Street, by creating Street Art.

A fun play on words 😉

The project will be co-designed by local youth (term 1), with workshops to equip them in skills (term 2&3) and installation of various forms of street art to launch an Art Street event (term 4).

Art Street Art works to encourage youth to develop a sense of pride in the precinct and to contribute creatively to the streetscape of the town, minimising vandalism, anti-social behaviours and damage to Council and public property.

Apply now to be part of the co-design team

This is a free opportunity for youth aged 10-17 living in the George Town municipality.
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    I give my permission to have my photo taken whilst participating in Our Futures activities for the purpose of being used for promotions, media, and FIG/Council publications.